10-12 Weeks


Hey Moonies,

Sorry for the delay in my updates. I¬†went for another ultrasound last week, to see if the baby is OK, if there are any abnormalities… etc. Doc said I created a perfect baby. So that’s good ūüôā But it seems i was correct before of the amount of weeks I am so, baby’s dude date is back to April 8th, like I initially calculated.

Nausea comes and go, I’m still throwing up every now and again, although there a were a few days they were back to back.

It was so exciting to see the baby, he or she was moving a lot, looked like it was dancing. I’ve told you guys before that I know it’s a girl; but unfortunately the docs couldn’t tell. Actually the initial doctor who performed all the ultrasound tests said she was 60-70% sure it’s a girl; but then my main doctor came in – who gave just a peek – and said it’s a boy; but then almost changed his mind to a girl. So they kindly invited me back tomorrow, for free, to check the sex since I am soooo anxious to know. I admire the people that want to keep it a surprise; but I am the cat that got killed in the story!!

While the doctor was debating with his colleague if it was a girl or a boy, which was pretty hilarious, at one point he just stood there watching and said “You know how you can tell it’s a girl or a boy? If it grabs it’s penis then we know for sure it’s a boy!” but apparently munchkin fell asleep. I told the doctor,¬†I’ve been watching it for 20 mins and it only grabs its¬†face. Also there is a clear shot, ok, semi clear shot in 3D, I see no peepee.

Judge for yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.11.25 PM


This photo is creepy; but if you look to the right, you can see the head and you can then see the legs and nothing in between them. You tell me?

Here’s a cuter pic:


I know! Isn’t munchkin adorable?!!!!

Anyways, other than the usual cramping, morning sickness, everything has been OK. I’m putting tons of cream and oils on as I already developed TWO stretch marks! Really trying to avoid that.

Anybody have any good methods to avoid stretch marks? Maybe a specific cream or oil or something? Let me know!

Thanks for listening.

(PS, I wont have the doc tell me the sex tomorrow, instead I will give the baker an envelope with the sex and she is going to make me a gender surprise reveal cake! Which we will slice on Sunday at a small get together at the house. Any excuse for a party and to eat cake!)


Week 9


Morning sickness is much better. I can eat anything; but still not eating a lot maybe even less than I did before I was pregnant and on top of that my doctor said I need to drink LESS water/liquids. You need to know that before I was pregnant I never drank water, it’s like my body didn’t need so much of it, I guess I was right, because I started to drink lots more, at least those 8 glasses a day. I’m thirsty and mostly drink ONLY water now. Doc says drinking so much water and peeing more, lowered my sodium. Well, that’s a first. But I am super thirsty all the time, my mouth goes dry ūüė¶ I’ve already drank my 6 glasses a day and it’s only 5pm!

I have some cravings here and there nothing out of the ordinary, maybe those come later. I am now working for Google from home so I am bringing some sort of income in, not my usual income; but that’s OK. Thankfully hubby does pretty well for the both of us.

I’m sorry, this week seems to be a boring week for a blog, I guess better boring than anything else. My tummy is growing a little every day, I see the difference. In the last couple of days I’ve actually slept! Which has been nice ūüôā Next week another ultrasound, doc said she could probably tell if it’s a girl or a boy, really excited about that!

I decided for the nursery to use the logo I created for the blog and have it printed on a vinyl wall sticker, I want the nursery to be colorful, not just pink or blue. So can’t wait for next week!! Oh, the nursery is in our bedroom until we move, we are looking to buy a house; but the market has sky rocketed. Boo!

I never really told you guys about me, I am American-Italian (real Italian, not fake Italian like Lady Gaga. I speak Italian, I lived there and I am an Italian citizen). I have lived in several countries including, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. This is my second time I am living in the states. Last time I was 9 when we moved from Connecticut and now I reside in LA. I’ve been here for two years and it’s been OK. Don’t really like the city… “city”, I do not consider it a city more like a place with lots of small towns and peripheries. I really like La Jolla or San Francisco, that’s where I would like to live (for now); but hubby’s work is here.

You can say I am international, we are actually called TCKs (Third Culture Kids) and no I am not an army brat or a diplomat. My dad was in advertisement and believe or not we moved around because of his job. He was like the Spielberg of commercials in the 80s. Does Fahrvergn√ľgen ring a bell?

Till’ next week Moonees ūüôā

Week 8



Oh the morning Sickness, I finally left a bucket next to my bed in case I wouldn’t make to the toilette. Thankfully I never needed to use it! It was definitely worse; but towards the end of the 8th week I started to feel a bit better. I still can’t eat all that much. When I eat a meal I have a bout 5 bites and then I am done. I’ve been eating lots chips and popcorn, sincerely they never were my thing; but now they are excellent to munch on.

Last Thursday I went to my first OBGYN appointment, where she confirmed I was about 8 weeks and half pregnant rather than 9, like I had calculated. Close enough. So now my weeks start on Mondays and that’s when I will post my weekly update.

Other than that, she says that everything looks good so far. It’s also too soon to tell. I immediately knew what I was looking at, I was like that’s the head right? and that’s the body and right here is the heart!!! Doctor gave me A+, my husband on the other hand was like “I can’t see anything!”; but when I turned to him as the monitor showed something he was pretty emotional, I love seeing that side of him.

I could see the little heartbeat beating so fast, she said by eye it was going at about 160 a minute. More proof it’s a girl, although the doc said that that’s a myth. I didn’t get to hear the heartbeat though, doc said we would have to use another machine, which we will use next time. Then I could see it’s little arm and I believe it was waiving at me “Hi Mamma!!”. Here’s a pic, the doc printed one out but it’s horrible you can’t see anything.

The head is on the right, oh and in certain positions I swear it looked like the baby had horns LOL. Great, a lil’ devil like mamma and daddy were.

Next NEXT week I have my next appointment, the doc said that she will have a¬†good idea if it will be a girl or a boy! So excited !!!! I’ve told you guys that I really wanted a girl; but you know, I don’t care as much anymore, as long as they are healthy that’s all that matters. Talking about they, no, they are not twins! LOL that was my fear, I would have twins! I’ve seen friends go through that and I would prefer to shoot myself, honestly. You see, I do not have family here, except a Cousin who lives two hours away. So I am truly alone and one baby alone is scary enough. I have no idea what I am supposed to do. Oh well, until next week!

Are there classes to take? What are they called? Parenting classes?

Week 7


I have had morning/evening/night/ sickness this week. Not that bad in comparison of some of the horror stories I heard; but none the less I haven’t felt at all well. I puked for the first time, thankfully I was already in the bathroom when I got this horrible nausea sensation. That’s mostly what I have been having, lots of nausea/acidity. There were days I could eat the world; but towards the end of the 7th week my stomach closed up. It prefers if I eat little bit every few hours than actual meals. So now I have my lunch for lunch and dinner because I can never finish it and I eat even slower than my usual self.

I am advising you the next paragraph has some graphic details, so feel free to skip it.

Good news, constipation is gone, hurray! Before I would sit on the toilette for 30 mins everyday just waiting for the slight urge that would quickly disappear. It was the only way that I could go everyday, if not there was times I wouldn’t for four days! But now everything seems to be moving swimmingly.

Every time I talk about the munchkin I always refer to it as her. Maybe it’s because I really want a girl; but I had two dreams about her. I even had a dream where I went to a doctor with my husband and the doctor was checking the ultrasound to tell us the sex. She asked “would you like to know the sex?”, for some reason I hesitated and said “Yes… No… OK… Yes”. I said No because I was afraid it was boy (I am terrorized about having a boy, for some reason, I find girls less complicated) and then the doctor said “It’s a…. girl”. She continued on explaining that it’s so hard to tell the sex when the fetus is only a blueberry, so it’s not like I dreamt of a future appointment, I dreamt I went to one in that moment of time, in my sleep. I believe in these things, on top of that I had another more futuristic dream where I was breast-feeding her, and you guest it, it was a HER again. Many years ago when I was about 22 years old I had a dream that I had a toddler and her name was Sophia. Now, the name Sophia never told me much before that dream; but after it, I started to love it. I guess in a few weeks we will tell ūüôā

My mother comes from a small little town in south of Sardinia, it’s called Samassi. There we have town witches and a witch had showed my aunt how to predict if she is having a girl or a boy. Now this only works for the first child the mother is having with her male partner. I do not think this can work for surrogates or stuff like that.

Anyways, you take the FULL name, including middle name and last name of the mother and the father. Then you count all the letters, example my husband’s and mine equal to 50 letters in our names combined. Then you do 5+0= 5 (your result should be between 1-9). Mine was a 5.



Again it says girl. Now I tested this for everybody I knew that had a child and I knew their entire names, this worked for everybody,¬†except one. My husband’s parents… I think they are¬†keeping¬†a secret hahaha

This worked for my parents, my aunt and many others… try it out and see if it worked for you! Let me know!

I’ve also been¬†taking all these online gender quiz! I think to myself, well I will just take a bunch and work by percentile hahaha here are some websites I found:

Said I was having a girl






Ok, so they all say I am having a girl too. I think there was one test that said it was boy; but now that I am redoing them, as I add them to the blog, they ALL say girl ūüôā don’t know which one said I was having a boy.

Do you know any accurate ways to see if you are having a girl or boy?



Sushi Lover; but Pregnant?


So the biggest downfall for me is that I can’t eat anything raw… right now.

Right now because I am sure that once I do the Toxoplasmosis test I will be positive. I have had cats my whole life and have three cats right now. Apparently, even if I have had cats, it is possible that I have never been infected. I definitely do not want to risk it before I get the results.

What is Toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is an infection due to the parasite Toxoplasma gondii.

Apparently cats can give that to you and if they do Рtechnically Рyou can eat raw foods. Not exaggerating of course, there is always the risk of food poisoning too; but technically you can eat it.

So, right now I have the excuse that I can not clean the kitty litter ūüôā

Anyways, the other day we went to our favorite sushi restaurant, I was so bummed out that I could not eat my beloved phili roll (which is Philadelphia and raw salmon) or my albacore nigiri. You have no idea how much I LOVE, LOVE sushi. I mean, I basically ate it twice a week.

So… I ordered the teriyaki stake and rice. Then I realized that there ARE rolls for pregnant women!!

I asked my waitress¬†to bake my salmon and make me a phili roll anyways, so no problem there. ¬†Since you are allowed to eat grilled or baked salmon, that totally worked and it wasn’t¬†at all bad. Keep in mind, it’s advised, to not eat more that 6 ounces of fish a day.

Then I asked for a California roll, because imitation crab is fully cooked!

I initially thought that when I went home, I would have to make myself some mac and cheese or something; but at the end I ate a lot!

So here is the list of safe Japanese dishes for pregnant women:

(I will update this if I come up with other stuff)

  • Phili Roll (with baked salmon, not raw)
  • California Roll (imitation crab, not sure with the real thing. You will need to ask)
  • Cucumber or Avocado Rolls
  • Nigiri: unagi (freshwater eel),¬†anago (saltwater eel) and tamago (sweetened, cooked egg)- These are all cooked
  • Miso Soup
  • Their teriyaki selection (chicken, steak, baked salmon)
  • Edamame
  • Vegetable Tempura

Don’t forget you can always ask your waiter for a list of cooked sushi too!

Do you guys have any other suggestions I could add to the list?






Week 6


Week 6 has been great, no morning sickness a part from random nausea and cramping, it’s been an ideal week. I truly hope this doesn’t mean it’s a boy! I read that if you have less morning sickness and crave protein it’s more likely to be a boy and if you have a lot of morning sickness and crave fruit it’s a girl. Well, I have no morning sickness; but crave fruit!

The thought of having a boy scares me more, I guess it’s because I am not one so do not know boys. I never had a brother, only an older sister. I just do not understand them at all. On top of that, I have no names. While, with a girl, I know exactly what to expect and have a million of names.

My mother-in-law and brother-in-law arrived last week, I gave her the news. She was over the moon, she’s so happy! She can’t to meet the little munchkin! We went to San Diego this weekend, I stood under the umbrella and had plenty of sun lotion on. I’ve always sat under the umbrella anyways, so not much a change there for me as I am faired skinned.

It’s been annoying going to restaurants everyday, all I wanted to do was go back home and eat fruit. It took me two days before I had any fruit. Another thing that I craved, which is unusual for me as I never ate much fried food, is that I really like Chicken tenders. On top of that i went to one my favorite Mexican Restaurants and add their salsa with chips! I never eat the salsa, it’s too spicy; but now I love it!!! You have no idea how weird that is for me, I couldn’t eat anything spicy before NOTHING, not even just a little bit. I always found it too spicy! My mom must be laughing up high at me, she always tried to trick me and would sometimes try to add a little red hot pepper in her pasta sauce, she was Italian, and check if I would notice. I would always notice! No matter how little she put, I could always tell. You see mom, now you could have gone and made me some spicy pasta and I wouldn’t have minded! Instead, you decided to die on me. Not cool.

My father is also sick; but nothing deadly… which makes it even worse than cancer. 10 years ago my dad was diagnosed with¬†encephalitis, which causes lesions in the¬†brain. What does that mean, it means that the information that passes¬†through the¬†brain is road blocked by the lesions and that information would have to find another way around to get to it’s destination. Which means, eye site, sense of balance, coordination… everything. My dad had lost a chunk of his past memories, which he would slowly recuperate. After that he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which also affects the brain. Lets just say that what is left of my dad is only the shadow of the man he used to be. One thing, I have to say, is that he usually would never forget¬†recent information given to him.

I talked to him the other day and I had told him my news already over a week ago and since then we spoke twice. For some reason, that time, he had forgotten completely that he was going to become a grandaddy. I was shocked, I thought he was joking; but no he was serious, he seriously thought I never told him. I recorded his reaction to the news, the first time around, so I have evidence he knew. He told me that it happens, it happens that he forgets things. I said, what are you talking about?! You forget the day of the week it is or that you have an appointment, because you forget the day of the week; but you never forget important things! That utterly¬†upset me, which I know I need to stay calm; but how? I’m completely losing the last parent I have, I already I feel like an orphan; but common! I just need to focus and think on how fortunate I am to be pregnant and not think how life is unfair. It could be worse, I know that.¬†I spoke to my dad’s care taker and they also noticed¬†that is more confused than usual. I guess that means more exams.

I just need to stay calm and relax, relax and stay calm. DO NOT STRESS over things you can not control! Actually, just do not stress and see the positive side to everything. The positive side of my dad forgetting that I am pregnant is that I get to surprise him every time! That’s fun… I guess…

Week 5


So far so good, for half of the week I had cramping, nausea/acidity, and that sleepiness I talked about before. The other half of the week, just slight cramping.¬†In the middle of the week¬†I had my first “Morning Sickness”; but not the vomiting kind, apparently morning sickness does not refer to only throwing up, it can also go the other way. It only happened once because at the end of the week I felt OK. All I am dealing with¬†is tiresome, lower back ache, slight cramping and bumping/hiccups. If I had to go through the whole pregnancy like that, it would be easy… I guess its like the calm sea before the big storm?

Right now the fetus, from now I will call it Munchkin, is as big as a apple seed. It has the eye sockets on the side of the head, 80% of its organs are setting up and its skeleton is also being formed. The cramping I am feeling is because the Munchkin is doing a bit of feng shui in my belly, apparently it didn’t like its new home and decided to move some organs around.¬†The other thing I can’t do as much is sitting down, at one point I cramp up and need to put my legs up. What I’ve been doing, to make the aches feel betters, is going swimming. I usually would do free style, this may sound stupid, but I don’t want to hold my breath so I breaststroke. I do it until I can’t do it anymore, until my legs and arms are aching.

fetus at 5 weeks

Fetus at 5 weeks

I am currently reading a book called “Your Pregnancy Week by Week”, which is really cool because now I can’t wait to read it on Tuesday, when my 6th weeks supposably starts. To figure out how far a long you are, it’s quite easy, just google it!

Here are some links:



Very easy, if you do not know the date you conceive just put the first day of your last period. For example mine was the 2nd of July 2014 and it calculated 40 weeks, which comes to the 8th of April 2015.

My mom passed away suddenly last year on April 4th and her 61st birthday was only two days later, on April 6th. Meaning my child might be born on the same day as my mom, which is quite fitting because if it’s a girl… I mean BECAUSE IT’S A GIRL, I wanted to name Munchkin after her, Rosanna AKA Roxy. Her full name would be Rosanna Valentina. Valentina because both my best friend and my husband’s best friend are named Valentina, so it’s fitting. Plus my Valentina will be the godmother of the child, so we have decided back in middle school, in fact, when I told her I said “Are you ready to become a godmother?”.

The sudden passing of my mother, who was also my best friend, confidant the only person who would always have my back and would give me unconditional love, is probably the reason why it took me a year to conceive. Apparently it caused me a lot of stress, I still cry everyday; but since I found out about Munchkin, I try not to.

I still can’t believe this is happening! And tomorrow my husband’s mother and brother are coming from Italy to visit us. She is the one that wanted us to have a child the most, so we decided not to tell his family until we were able to surprise his mother. I bought a a bib and a frame that say “I love my grandma”, the bib is orange, so not blue or pink and the frame is colorful. They should actually arrive today! We will give it to her, while I film¬†the whole reaction to her opening the present. It’s going to be so much fun!

Will keep you posted!